Kerana dirimu amat berharga

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just to warm up..

Currently I am listening to the online Malay radio from, a song by Siti Nurhaliza and SM Salim. It is now 12.25am, and aiman and elyn have gone to sleep. I am a lil bit sleepy but want to spend time writing, to warm up my writing skills. I've stopped writing quite for some time, and tonight alas I've revisited some of my writings I've done within the last 2 years... bersawang penuh.. haha!!! I promised to myself I will read and write continuously from now on. Hey, you have exactly one more year to go now k!

I know it is hard to pay attention on my work when i'm at home, with little aiman around. if he is OK, i'm the one to blame making him cry or wake up from sleep. and when he is cranky, can't really do anything.. huhuu.. he is the king now actually! though he's just a cute little boy. can't really resist the temptation to kiss and gomol2 him...

Wan Azdie, please be discipline in doing your research and your study. Spend some time EVERY DAY looking and working on your research. Huh!


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