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Monday, May 28, 2012

MAY 2012

I have skipped April, and I can hear the blog calling for updates. Kesian kan blog saya...

So what happened in May?

Aiman's birthday of course. He is now a healthy five years old boy. And he talks a lot. Sometimes loyaq buruk a bit, but still funny as he talks from his heart I guess.

My son and I at Five years old.

The picture shows me and aiman at five y.o. Ada sama ka? The girl with bedak sejuk  is my cousin, we grew up together sharing the same hometown. Selepong bedak! but she said that's the secret to stay young, hehe.

We were in KL during his Bday, as I have to attend a meeting at IKU. He insisted to get on the LRT, because the day before I went to the meeting by LRT. So we went to KLCC to the Aquaria, which for me is quite expensive compared to the exhibits available. But yeah, the maintenance must be high, an ocean in the middle of a city. Then we round-round KLCC before we went back, I was not feeling well actually.

Tersongeh kat Taman KLCC. Babah dah semput sebab lumba lari dengan Aiman.

The following week we went to PD. I had another meeting with KKM for two days. Aiman and adik enjoyed playing in the pool, petang baru babah boleh join. For five consecutive weeks I have jobs out of office, penat woo. Macam la orang penting sangat kennn... (ni skim gaji bila nak revise ni?!)

I am happy at last I can stay at my home sweet home on weekend, but then mama aiman is attending a conference in Langkawi pulak this weekend... a single father I shall be then, huhu...

The sacrifice ...

Di suatu pagi yang indah, dua jantan masih gagah berkokok...

Di sebelah malamnya bertukar menjadi lauk santapan exotic.
Ini lah namanya ajal maut di tangan Tuhan. Rezeki manusia... 
Burrrpp Alhamdulillah ;)


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