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Monday, March 28, 2011

Magic, anyone?

"OMG! I just missed one episode and now Morgana has taken over the throne!" That was what came into my mind when I started watching Merlin tonight. Yes, I missed last week's episode. 

Watching Morgana on the throne, with the assistance of Morgause, was not good. Urther was captured and thrown into the dungeon. Arthur, Gaius and some others, of course Merlin too, were hiding in the cave in the woods, making plans. To cut it short, Merlin with his magic power (tonight he used the sword forged with dragon's breath that can destroy the living dead, mortal armies), together with Lancelot, Sir Leon and some others, successfully removed Morgana from the throne. She was gone without trace from the castle after that night. Urther was in trauma, and Merlin suggested Arthur to become the king. And now the legendary sword is in the stone, waiting for the right hand to claim for it.

I've been watching Merlin since when I was in Sydney, and tonight's episode was the most exciting episode so far, successfully keeping up my adrenaline level. Not just Merlin, I am all into magical fantasy movies. However, Merlin and Harry Potter are my all time favorite. I believe it is because of the settings, you know, with castles, knights, the centuries old creatures and those kind of things. I have all the Harry Potter books and really enjoyed reading them. They have this magic that can take me away, out of this real world, whenever I read them.

OK, tomorrow is Monday. Back to the real world!

:: I wish I have magic to make everyday is Sunday.


  1. peminat Merlin juga rupanya..hehe..

    season 3 dah habis pun semalam..

  2. oh hooo..u missed last week punya episode because u were planning to teman me kat kmc..siaaaan dia!

  3. Bapak, peminat jugak hehe. tu lah, lambat pulak rasa nak nunggu next season...

    elyn, eh ye ke? kalau kat KMC mesti bleh tgk jugak. Tertido kot...



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