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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Present for Myself

October is here again. It's my birthday month. I wonder what will be the surprise this year... If any.

It is not about bday present i want to blog about this time. Last month I was thinking and started listing what should I get for myself to commemorate the few very significant changes occured to me, by the grace of Allah of course.

I started with a clock, a nice wall clock maybe. Maam of the house was against this, i can feel that. Look to the north, south, east and west, there's already at least one clock in each direction in the house. But there are still plenty of walls in the bedrooms, hehe. Besides, they are way too expensive here in Malaysia. Wrist watch? 11 of them already, seems like it's a no-no too.

Then why not a ring. I was thinking of having a ring with special engraving maybe. But I already have two handful of them, if I put them all together at one time I may look like pakcik jual batu cincin di rope walk. Maam was also not so keen on this idea.

When I said, 'what about an iPad?' there's glow in the face a little bit. I thought an iPad is not a good thing to commemorate something, as technology always advance after a while. However, after doing some research on the web and considering it deliberately,

at last I got myself an iPad 2. It was last week the iPad started becoming my new toy... And personal organizer too...


  1. Dah lama mengidam ipad2 ni..tapi tak dapat-dapat lagi.. tak dak orang nak bagi..nampaknya kena beli sendiri la..

  2. Kalau kat rumah iPad tu di conquer oleh aiman, dok main game aje keje dia...

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Abu Aiman! Nice.. iPad =D

  4. besh tuh....ayuni mintak Ipad tapi dapat Epad. bolehlah..untuk budak-budak..he he.



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