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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goodbye Penshurst...

As been told in by my other half, we have already moved in to our new house in Bankstown. The article seems too much about me liking everything in this new home; banyak hook la, koleksi jam la; whereas her interest was not much discussed, which among others are; very close to Centro shopping town and Mimi's on the park (a restaurant), etc.

Actually, I am rather sad to leave Penshurst; both the apartment and the environment. It is mostly BLUE, from the walls to the lamp shade and the kitchen cabinet. The balcony is long, where I put my BBQ set, plus my chilly plants (pokok cabai) and other stuffs. It was also a favorite spot for elyn to hang dry the clothes for days if not weeks, hehe.. One thing I don't like was that it doesn't have a car space, totally roadside parking and it's a first come first serve basis. Some days I have to park the car far out of sight, and if you are lucky you can park right in front of your window. There is a tree where if you park your car under it, your car will be covered with bird droppings all over. I guess it is the chosen one, coz other trees have no bird sleeping in them, thus no shit even if you park your car there for days. Wonder how these birds choose a place to sleep..

That place has a sentimental value. It was the place myself and wife stayed longest, more than 2 years, since we got married. Aiman was conceived and born when we were there, our parents came to visit us for the first time there, and lots of things happened when we were staying in Penshurst. You feel safe to walk around outside even at night. It is also close to 2 train stations; Penshurst and Mortdale. The closest shopping centre is the Westfield Hurstville, whereas there are 2 supermarkets within walking distance, IGA and Franklin. There are a lot of specialty shops around. Blockbuster Video, where we normally rent DVDs, is just around the corner.

So, if everything sounds so good then why do we moved out? It is because the landlord is selling the house. Every Saturdays people will come into the apartment to inspect. It is not really because of the inconvenience we have to face every week that made us move out. We were thinking about what will happen once the unit has been sold? Will the new landlord rent it out? What if he/she wants to move in? Can we get a house within 4 weeks time or so once we receive the notice to vacate? and the questions go on and on... So that's why we decided to grab the opportunity to move into this new home of ours, since the previous tenant is our friend that they just recommended us to the agent. Our neighbor, Dot, who was also in the same situation, had moved out to Ashfield the same week as us. Alhamdulillah, without neither fuss nor having to go thru much trouble, we have became the new tenant of this lovely apartment. And, we are still in Unit Number 1! In the picture you can see Aiman was doing the inspection in his new territory.

Talking about this new place, yeah, it was just 2 weeks since we moved in. That's not much time to know the area and falling in love with this place. Wait till after 40 days and you will get use to it. $280 per week, sounds expensive huh!! That is because house rent were far far lower when we first arrived here compared to what it is now. It is more expensive around Penshurst than here. With $280, even $300 you only will get a good size 2 bedroom apartment and a car space there. Here, we have big lounge area, a lock up garage and even a storeroom. Even the room are bigger than the apartment we have inspected (and applied 2 of them but rejected) in Penshurst. Bebudak baru tak kisah pun harga rumah sampai $300, coz they don't know how fast and high the rate jumped up.

Yesterday we went to clean up the Penshurst apartment. Might need to go there again tomorrow as the Landlady asked us to clean the stove and windows again. Looks like OK to us, maybe we missed some spots. Once we clean it up, we will drop the key at the agent's office in Beverly Hills, and that's goodbye Penshurst....

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