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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Population Health Congress 2008

The Population Health Congress 2008 was held at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 6-9 July 2008. It was a big congress, having more than 1000 participants attending. I was a poster presenter in the congress and my poster entitled "Measuring Food Insecurity in Wollongong".

We arrived at Brisbane Airport on Sunday morning. Zarizi was so kind he fetched us up from the airport and took us to his home in Moorooka, about 20 minutes drive from the airport, and had a breakfast there. He even let us borrowed his Nimbus to travel around, and we went to Gold Coast 2 days in a row driving his Nimbus. Thanks a lot mate!

Hotel George Williams was where we stayed for 3 nights. It was a 3 star hotel, 15 minutes walk to the congress venue. Had to cross the Brisbane river to get there. It is also adjacent to the Queen Street Mall. The weather was not so good as it was drizzling most of the days, and raining quite heavily one morning when I was in hurry to attend the breakfast sessions on Food security. Thanks that there was a guy invited me to join into his cab.

Overall, the congress was a success and I am sure that everyone enjoyed listening to the presentations and reading the posters, as well as good coffee and food made available throughout the congress.

We arrived back in Sydney on the Wednesday night, and life goes on as usual...


  1. woittttt abu aiman..template blog hang nie serupa ngan template phd blog aku daaa..but my template for family bloog ada lain sket....
    re:so..macamana responds audience with your poster???mesti research hang dah ada hasil nie???alhamdulillah...

  2. aiyoo..abu Aiman pi Brisbane.kami dah balik lak masa tu



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