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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Endless Smiles...

WOLLONGONG, 18 July 2008 - Today must be a historical and happiest day for Dr Shamsiah and Dr Qian. It was their graduation day after completing their studies at the University of Wollongong. Dr Shamsiah is from Malaysia, completed her PhD in the Faculty of Engineering, while Dr Qian, DrPH, was in the Faculty of Health & Behavioral Sciences, University of Wollongong. All their hopes, hard works, ups and downs during their studies has earned them an utmost happiness and priceless gratifications.

The graduation ceremony was held in the UoW Great Hall. It was a fine and sunny day although a little bit chilly as the wind blew the cool winter air. Happy faces were everywhere around the University compound, with cameras clicking the lights flashing here and there. Families and friends congratulated the graduands, hugging and shaking hands, and even shed some tears.

Congratulations again to Dr Shamsiah and Dr Qian. May the guy with the brown jacket and a pair of sunglasses be motivated and work harder in order to finish his study and be celebrated in the same ceremony sometimes next year. And at that time, he is the one who will be wearing the blue robe with hunter's hat on his head! - WAN AZDIE -

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