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Friday, August 22, 2008

Aiman and mama

It is now already half past ten at night. Aiman and i are staying in the car while mama is doing her work in her lab. Luckily Aiman has just fallen asleep so i can go to sleep too. Mama just called telling that she will probably finish an hour from now. So i guess i just go to sleep and hope Aiman will not wake up till mama is done.
Actually we were at Abg Ghazali's house earlier tonight, had a dinner there with some other people involved in silat. His new house is bigger than the old one, and beautiful too. They invited us to their house warming party last time but Aiman and me were having diarrhea. So this time we just happy to go and visit them. I've made seri muka but the bottom was a bit hard and the top was soft. It has been a long time i haven't cook seri muka.
I think i'll pen off now as i gave a few yawns already. It is still drizzling outside. Hope mama won't take too long to finish whatever thing she's doing. Tata!

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