Kerana dirimu amat berharga

Friday, August 29, 2008


OK, fine! So I was wrong. I parked my car in the wrong place. I don’t have a sticker saying I can park my car here. Even if you have one, you are not guaranteed to get a space for your car. So what? Nobody says anything. But this moron had took the law into his own hands by deflating my tyre just because he thought that car space was his!

It happened last Tuesday, the same day that I discovered that my lit rev file was gone. What a bad day it was. As usual I went to get Aiman and ready to drive home when an Indian pass my car while I was reversing from the parking area, pointing at my front tyre. I lowered the windscreen and make a questioning face, “What?”. “Your tyre,” she said. I stepped out from the car and gosh, my front tyre was completely flat. Not a single molecule of gas was in there. I drove back slowly to the parking space and call K.A to take care of aiman while I was going to change the tyre. Luckily A.F and A.A. were around, they helped me out with the job.

I was told then that the Friday before that day the same thing had happened to a guy, but it was worse where all 4 tyres were deflated. Poor guy. A.A knew the one who did this because he saw him doing his dirty job while on the way for Jumaat prayer. I was lucky enough just to have only one tyre deflated. I guessed he wanted to deflate all my tyres as the back tyre's tube cap was gone too, maybe he doesn’t have enough time or someone passed by that make him went away.

Anyway, lesson learnt. I will not park my care in that place anymore, does not worth the risk. Good thing that he didn’t scratch the paint or smash the mirror or whatever thing that could cost me money. But I still think that it is a stupid, selfish, silly, bloody fool thing to deflate my tyre just because you think it is your carspace that I’m taking. You can always put a note, swear if you like, warning me not to park my car there! Well, not everyone who gone to Uni possess a brain that could think of better ways of doing things, huh!?

So today I drove around the Uni to find a parking space, ended up paying $4 to parked closed to my school. It wasn’t that I’m not willing to park a bit far and walk my way to my school building, but everywhere was just full.

At the end, I always thought that there might be something I’ve done wrong, and God want to teach me a lesson, or as a punishment for my sins. But still He loves me by sending someone to notify me that my tyre was flat, and my fellow Malaysian were out there around to help. Just imagine if I had already entered the freeway, climbing uphill and stranded in the middle of the freeway while the day is getting dark? You see, these kind of things sometimes trigger your mind to think more, muhasabah a little bit further, how far have you've gone astray from God, forgetting Him while busy with your daily life, and does not repent and ask for forgiveness from Him.


  1. salam ramadhan kareem. Banyakkan bersabar. Kami kat sini pun face the same problem .Can't park our car in front of our house juz because dah ada mamat pakistan cop. Dia hingat parking tu dia yang punyer...! Tapi now selamat..mamat tu dah pindah. Semua orang senang hati...

    Dan semalam kami nampak kereta BMW dekat ngan umah kami kena simbah cat ngan cermin tingkap dia pecah. Ada kren tgh hangkut kereta tu. Dalam hati kata........hai macam-macam kat sini . Asyik pecah kereta jer. Mintak kereta kami dijauhkan.Amin.

  2. waa... sabor je lah anon. seb baik mamat tu pancitkan tayar aje. simbah cat atau pecah tingkap mau menangis tak berlagu den..huhuu... lelaki dan kereta tau2 aje la.. Selamat meneruskan ibadat berpuasa.



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