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Friday, December 19, 2008

Australian Museum

Australian Museum
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Last weekend the three of us went to the Australian Museum. It is not as big as the British Museum, but it is interesting enough to spend almost 2 hours inside a museum. That does not include the children sections and the resource centre that we did not get into. If we went to the children's activities area we could end up spending 1 hour just there to let Aiman play until he satisfied.

The old Sydney Grammar School...
From Australia Museum

tinggal tulang daa...
From Australia Museum

From Australia Museum

Actually there are a lot of places around Sydney that we have not explored yet. We just been to the Mrs Macquarie Chair and the Royal Botanical Garden, after more than 3 years here in Sydney. I guess it happened to lots of us, we never get to the places close to us, but we've been to other places far away from home. So, I've decided that every week or so we will find a place to visit, be it a tourist spot, sight seeing, nature, or even shopping complex (this last one is my wife's favourite I can say).

Today is Friday, and tomorrow's plan is to the Sydney Marker in Flemington. Not that we have not been there, but it has been so long since the last time we went there. I bet there will be cheap fruits and vegies, they go by boxes. Come afternoon, they can sell as low as $5 a box of oranges. $8 mangoes (10-15 mangoes), and lots more like strawberries, blackberries, honey dew, all sorts of apples, and cherries. Not to mention tomatoes, bak choy, cauliflower, broccoli and list goes on. There are also seafood sections, selling quite cheap compared to other places.

Then, later in the afternoon, I plan to go to the Botany Bay national park, to walk through the pathway up to the headland facing the open seas. I hope it is accessible by wheelchair, so we can push Aiman in his stroller.

I'll snap pictures and will update soon. Actually I am doing this thru flickr, trying to figure out how it works. Have a nice weekend everybody!

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