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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Towards Healthy Eating

When we talk about healthy eating, it involves many influencing and contributing factors. However, here I will outline three important factors and briefly discuss about them.

Three important things you need to change or improve when you plan to have a healthy eating habit:

1. Food Choice

2. Portion Size

3. Eating Time

Food Choice
In order to make a healthy food choice, you need to have basic knowledge of food and nutrition. Looking at the food pyramid could be a good start, by identifying what food belongs to which food groups. Basically they are energy providing group which basically arw carbohydrate-rich group. Then there is the fruits and vegetables which provide vitamins and minerals. Also there is the fish, meat and poultry group, which also includes the legumes, providing protein rich food. Then comes the milk and dairy products, and lastly the fats, oils, salt and sugar, which includes condiments and sauces. Some people believe there is no such things as healthy food and bad food, but how you choose matters. Hence, reading about making healthy choice is important here to gain more knowledge, which food is better. Among the keywords you might come across are  wholegrain, wholemeal, high fiber, low calorie, glycemic index, and many more.

Portion Size
People say size matters. In this topic, yes it really does. Simple tips. Every time you want to fill up your plate with food, imagine that your plate is divided into quarters, i.e. four sections. The first quarter, fill it up with carbohydrate group; could be rice, noodle, tubers, bread and many more. The second quarter with protein rich food, i.e. fish, chicken or meat and lentils. The third and fourth quarter, fill up with choice of fruits and vegetables. Nah, now you basically have a 'healthy plate', provided you have made the right choice. Always try to say no for a second helping, this might need more training.

Eating time
Never skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Many studies show that skipping breakfast may increase the risk of becoming overweight. Try to have a regular eating time for the main meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avoid taking sweet drinks during main meals in order to lower the calorie intake. If you need to have snacks (taking food between the main meals), take it moderately and preferably from the fruits and vegetables group. Add some dairy products such as low-fat yogurt.

Choose wisely, eat moderately and in a timely manner. You will feel better and healthier, insyaAllah.

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