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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hari Ini

Hari ini hari Isnin. Tarikh hari ini ialah 12 Februari 2007. Hari ini hujan. Pagi-pagi sudah hujan. Semalam pun hujan.

Aku datang awal ke uni hari ini, dengan semangat membara nak proceed with all the plans for my research. It is quarter past two now, and I am feeling a bit sleepy after having my lunch which was nasi beriyani.

A few task resulting from my last meeting with all the supervisors have been done today. I have emails DS, the statistic professor, only to be replied that he is on study leave and he had passed me over to RC. Wait and see what RC will say.

I also have develeped a brief description for students' project, in fact two projects. One regarding telephone survey protocols and the other is about developing a database system for the interviews.

Tomorrow I will be meeting HB to talk durther about GIS, CATI and some other issues regarding my mapping project. Seems like the business has started.

Eceeh, once speaking english haa... can not stop already. OKlah, got to continue with my work. tata..

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