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Saturday, October 25, 2008

German Measles

Last Wednesday, we noticed there were some faint red spots on Aiman's face. The night before his body was a little bit warm, 'dedaq' kata orang utara. Then the spots appears to be like rashes and it continued to grow. So yesterday, after 3 days the symptoms appeared, we went to Ashby Medical Centre just to confirm that it was measles, and yes it's German Measles.

The doctor said that this type of measles does not make you really sick and it will goes away without anything to be worried. No wonder Aiman was as active as usual, just a little bit cranky and lost his appetite. Nevertheless, he still drinks his milk and likes to eat fruits as usual.

Measles is a very infectious disease. So we decided not to go out and just stay at home until Aiman is totally recover. Today we are going to miss two Raya open houses, and we might be canceling our plan to have an open house at our place too. Just don't want to jeopardize other people, particularly young mothers who might be pregnant and babies.

An excerpt from :

"Rubella, or German Measles as it is commonly known is a viral disease transmitted by the inhalation of infected droplets from the air.

German Measles can be transmitted by the infected person to others for one week before the onset of the rash. The incubation period is 14 - 21 days with an average of about 6 days before the appearance of symptoms. One atttack usually confers permanent immunity.

The main feature of the disease is the appearance of a fine pink rash often preceded by mild symptoms of a general virus infection, a slight fever, conjunctivitis and a general feeling of not being well. Adults, especially young women, may develop joint pains

. The rash starts on the face and spreads to the trunk and extremities and may only be present for a matter of hours to 3 days. It may also be so faint as to be missed altogether.

The treatment of rubella consists mainly of treating the symptoms which may be very mild indeed. Aspirin may be all that is required. If you are concerned that you or your child may have caught rubella then your doctor can have you tested for positive signs of the disease and he can also put your mind at rest by establishing the presence of antibodies which guarantees your immunity to complications particularly in pregnancy."

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