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Friday, October 3, 2008

1 Syawal 1429H

It is mid week, Wednesday. Sydney's inhabitants went to work as usual. However for Muslims, it was the Eid Al-Fitr celebration. As previous years, we went to Malaysia Hall for the Eid prayer. We woke up at 5am, get ready and had a breakfast with my rendang dan ketupat instant. Than at 6.25am, we started our journey to MyHall, about 25km from home. It was still early, but there were so many cars on the road that I thought we couldn't make it on time for the prayer scheduled at 7.30am. But anyhow Allah knows best, we arrived around 7.15am, and we joined the crowd for takbir. The prayer started at about 10min to 8am. After prayer there were a little food prepared under the tent, such as lemang, rendang and pasta. The real celebration will be this Saturday where lots of food will be there.

We went to visit our friends until night, about 6 houses altogether. Enjoyed a lot of different kinds of food, went back exhausted. The following day Elyn went to the Uni, while me and reena just stayed at home, finishing hatever food left in the fridge. And every weekend untill Syawal ends, there will be open houses among the Malay communities around Sydney...

Whatever it is, how happy we look in the picture, I miss my home, my mom and dad, my family....


  1. slamat ari raya....maaf zahir batin. Cantek baju raya!

  2. TQ anon. Cantik la, baju ditaja pak mentua, hahahaha... Aiman ada 2 pasang complete baju melayu, dah raya keberapa ntah dok pakai suit baju melayu lagi... hehehe



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