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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Talent but I like it

I am sure most of us have at least a little passion towards music. Different people loves different music. However not everybody can play musical instrument.

I  love music. My sister can play organ very well, and the songs she played somehow imprinted in my head, and it brings sweet childhood memory whenever I listened to those songs again. From what I was told, my father used to play saxophone when he was very young. I am not sure why and when, my grandfather gave away my father's saxophone to someone when he went for training in the army. Haha, there must be some unrevealed secret that the younger generations in the family didn't know. Tak sempat nak tanya kat tok wan dulu.

As for me, I have no talent whatsoever in playing musical instruments. My parents sent me to organ class when I was in primary school. After 2-3 weeks I stopped. Alasan: cikgu cenge (garang). The real thing was my brain could not comprehend all those 'taugeh' (the notes) and compute them to my finger. I can play a few songs, but without reading the notes. Just by listening, then try it. That's why during the class I could play quite well, but during the test, when she gave me a new set of 'taugeh', I couldn't play. Haha... But my passion towards music never fade.

Gamelan is a type of musical performance, featuring a variety of instruments including xylophone, flute, gong, gendang and others. The first time I came into live contact with gamelan, I was a student living in KTDI (now KTSN). I was one of the facilitator during the orientation week, and they let me handle the 'kesenian and kebudayaan' things. So one of the activities the new students must do was gamelan performance. I don't know a thing besides enjoying the music, so there was someone there to coach them.

Indeed, I think gamelan has its own mystical factors as some other traditional musics, and it should be preserved. I am always amazed by the players' coordination and their movements of hands. I enjoyed the sound and music, be it the slow traditional songs, and especially when they perform contemporary musics...

I can't sit still listening to this music, the feel must be different if watching it live. Are they missing the angklung?

: : I have no objection at all for musical performance, provided they adhere to the code of adab.


  1. tak dgr lagu muzik gamelan dalam klip tuh sebab speaker dah kene curik. but UIA mmg terkenal dgn gamelannya. huhu~

    *btw, GB pun cemtu. main rekorder, organ, gitar - but without looking at the toge. sebab mmg buta music. main based on telinga sesedap rasa je.

    tapi ayah GB dulu terer main gitar n dram. rasanya dia pun tak tgk notes. hahah!

  2. I guru penasihat gamelan. My students learn very fast except for a few alat yg susah. Last year we attended International gamelan workshop here in KT. I minat gamelan Bali, my favourite. Muzik gamelan mmg best!! Berantu!

  3. kita tak pandai main muzik tapi
    suka dengar muzik dari piano dan saksafon ~

  4. gB, mcmn dok kat opis pun boleh kena curi...
    susah kan nak baca togeh tu! ekeke

    TK, wah ada international ws on gamelan lagi. mesti terer main gamelan ek. kalau ada performance kat kuantan sound2 la.

    manje, saya pun suka jugak muzik saksafon, esp Kenny G.

  5. kalo x, dah jadi kasim selamat dah abang aku ni ropanya

  6. boleh main gitar kapok jer...gamelan,besh....

  7. baru nak belajar gamelan .....

  8. isabelle, Siapa? Ahlil musik? =D

    Sham, boleh la jugak tuu.

    CA, saya teringin gak nak belajar.



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