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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Jam That I Love

I used to live in KL for more than five years during my days as a university student. I never ever like the traffic - unpredictably jam packed most of the time.

Nevertheless, for people who have sweet tooth like me, bread and a spread of jam is something you need when the craving comes, but there's nothing like chocolate cakes, puddings, seri muka, tepung talam and whatnot is available at home.

Does high-sugar foods lead to diabetes? Well, directly, not. However, too much of sugar will eventually make you fat. These extra fat cells will then affect your body's hormones including insulin efficiency. That's why obesity is one of the risk factors for getting diabetes. If I'm not wrong, about 80% of diabetic patients are obese. On the other hand, not all obese people will have diabetic. Normal people still have chance to become diabetic, even the skinny one.  These explain that the real cause of diabetes is still uncertain - we only know the risk and contributing factors.

OK, enough on that scientific-academic debate. What I want to share about is this healthier choice of jam we always had. Everybody knows fruit jam is packed with load of sugars. So choosing one containing the least sugar, but still maintain the sweetness of a jam should have, is my priority.
St. Dalfour selections of fruit jam.
It claims to use all-natural ingredients, with at least 50% fruits, no added sugar, and suitable for diabetic. Because it is French made, some people may think I am not supporting Malaysian products . Just like chocolate, I've tried many brands, and normally it will have SUGAR as the main ingredient, plus colouring and flavouring. Just imagine, some kaya (also one of my favourite) also they put coloring in, and the texture was like gum. 
Look at the real fruits - this one is blackberry. They have strawberry, peach, blueberry and many more.
: : best jugak melayan tengah2 malam buta ni.


  1. The best jam la st dalfour ni.
    Mmg berketui ketui blackberry and mmg tak manis sgt...
    My children love. St dalfour stroberi jam the most.

  2. ni kalo kita duduk mkn sama2, mesti dok lawan order benda manis je.
    i hv sweet tooth too!

  3. jam memang sedap, traffic jammed ouch!

  4. jem ni sedap sebab kurang manis. ada malware dari

    ce cek ce cek!

  5. satu lagi.

    layan lite fm memalam buta mmg asyikkk!!

    *boleh tak remove words verification? GB rabun wooo....

  6. TK, best kannn! aiman pun asyik2 order bread & jam jugak.

    isabelle, kalau pi hi-tea rasa mcm nak makan semua jer kan.

    cemomoi, mujur di kuantan ni tak teruk mana jamnya.

    gB 1, banyak yang rasa mcm gula kan.
    psst... nak buat lagu mana ha? adeh...

    gB 2, betui, teringat zaman muda2 dulu.
    *OK, nanti nak pi cari tang mana nak off word verification tu.

  7. kureng sikitlah dgn jem2 ni...tekak orang kampung hu...

  8. sudah ada diabetes paras sederhana :(

  9. Sham, saya jenis yang semua bedal; utara selatan timur barat; hehe.

    Pok Li, kena berjaga2 ler supaya jgn makin teruk, insyaAllah...

  10. thanks for sharing, nice blog and article



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