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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Journey Today

It was (and still) raining in Kuantan, continuously for the last two days or more. I woke up at 4.30 a.m. this morning as I have to catch flight to KL at 6.45 a.m. Right after subuh prayer, I started the journey. Good that adik was still asleep, whereby normally she would have awaken at 6 a.m. I put her into the baby seat, strapped her and carried her into the car. Aiman was awake, whispered to his mother that he wanted to follow me into the plane. Kesian anak abah.
Arrived at kuantan airport, I got out of the car. Kissed aiman, and i saw his eyes filled with tears. I always feel sad to leave him knowing that he really wants to be on the plane. "Nanti babah buy a special chocolate for aiman Ok!?" i made a promise. He put a little smile on his face, but his eyes was still blinking with water.
The plane took off and landed safely in KLIA 45 minutes later. I then walked to the KLIAtransit station and took the train to Putrajaya Central. From there, I took a taxi to Parcel E, where my meeting was scheduled at 9a.m.
"Dari mana cik?" asked the driver. "Kuantan," I replied. "Ada mesyuarat sikit, petang nanti balik terus. Nanti nak call teksi guna nombor ni la kan : 88884000?" "Ya betul, hotline tu," said the guy. "lama kerja Kuantan?" continued the driver. "Dari 2004 lagi," I replied. "Asal mana?" "Saya asal Taiping." "Patut takde bunyi macam orang sana," he said. "Tapi taiping bukan dah ke utara ke cakapnya?" "Dah lama keluar, cakap pun bunyi lain la cik," I added. Then me made a remark, "Yang tak berubah cakap ni orang kelantan. Duduk la 30-40 tahun pun kat luar, cakap ropa itu juga." Then he continued talking on that matter, telling his experience with kelantanese passengers and friends.
"Cik asal mana?" i asked him just to know which part of Perak he's from, because his IC number already shows 08. "Kuala." "Ah dekat le kita." Then we started talking about durian, haha. "Ada satu mamat Nepal semalam ajak saya pegi Puchong. Rupanya dia beli durian nak bawak balik Nepal. Agaknya sedap sangat la tu. Saya kabor mana buleh bawa durian naik kapalterbang."
And the meeting started after I have waited for a while, typical to start late aye!
I am now in KLIA waiting to depart for kuantan. OK, need to go and buy the special chocolate for aiman. Mujor adik belum pandai demand. Mama aiman nok mende?
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  1. kesian aiman..terbayang mata dia bergenang.
    i hope he's happy with the chocs.



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