Kerana dirimu amat berharga

Sunday, December 25, 2011


It is winter in Kuantan. You can hardly see a really bright and sunny day lately. The water heater is regularly used, even in the afternoon. The air conditioner is having a good rest. The fan is working at the very minimum speed at night. Everything seems cool. Blankets which were not an important item before, can now cause a fight especially at night. Washing clothes is a problem. Not the washing part, but the drying. Days hanged on the airer but they are still damp. Luckily there is a laundry right in front of our house. We've made quite a few visits during this rainy season. Now even the washing machine is having a good rest...


  1. for once I thought Kuantan is making headlines :)
    that kid is cute!

    Mr Abu Aiman, I terfikir nak drive up to Cherating perhaps 2 miggu lagi. Can you please advise on road conditions sekarang ni. Thank you.

  2. Wah..cutenya budak kecik tu dok dalam washing machine..hehehe.. Selamat tahun baru AzD

  3. Chik Att, dia dok sat saja... =)

    Noir, at the moment semakin kurang orang since cuti sekolah pun dah habis. We went to KT last Sunday (day trip aje) and everything was good, except masa nak balik tu hujan. Nevertheless, the rain is still on and off. Kadang-kadang 2-3 hari direct hujan. I believe in 2-3 weeks time habis la kot musim hujan, and the road conditions should improve..

    kak tirana, mak dia tak senang nak buat kerja asik nak bergayut. Bila babah yg jaga mcm tu la, hehe. Happy New Year to you and family!



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