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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Changing season...

I’m feeling better today, guessed I’ve recovered from the syndrome, hayfever as they normally called here. Even though the body temperature and muscle ache have subsided, my nose is still block and my head is still feel like ’nyuut-nyuut’, it comes and goes though. However, the back pain is still there, don’t know when it will go away.

It is the turning of the season. Spring has just begun in the southern hemisphere. The weather is changing. Cool and hot wind blow interchangeably. One day it’s cold, the other it’s hot outside. The temperature in my house is now around 20oC, just nice and comfy to wear a t-shirt without any heavy clothing anymore. But since I have a blocked nose, I have to stay a bit warmer by putting on my woolly jumper. I even wore double socks on each foot.

With the flowers blooming, pollen is everywhere in the air. Not to mention the air borne microorganisms are also getting awake from long winter dormancy. For people who are sensitive or allergy to this changing condition, they might catch this syndrome. The tv also starts to air advertisement on various medications to treat hayfever and allergies. Well, they are good in taking advantage of and make use of the current affairs that are happening around.

This could be, and should be my last Spring as a PhD candidate. I am going to end this chapter of my life by July next year. Well, shouldn’t I be writing up my thesis instead of blogging? Yes, I should. But what’s wrong with blogging, ‘fotopage’ing, ‘myspace’ing, ‘friendster’ing etc? I presume that as long as if it has not become your main job, then just go on.

People might say and think that students need to study all the time, not messing around, wasting time writing blogs or uploading pictures into the net, which might or might not be viewed by anybody. ‘waa, this person still got time blogging eh! I thought he is in his final year already,’ you might hear someone said this before. Hmm, wonder how one knew that particular person were blogging, if one didn’t wasting time surfing and reading other people’s blog, eh? Haha, just came across my mind, if ever my boss, head of department, supervisors, came across and found out about me blogging? Huh, I didn’t do anything wrong, did I? Well at least they will know me better through my writing, won’t they?

Personally, I consider blogging is one way one can practice writing and improve writing skills. As a saying said, ‘Practice makes Perfect’. For me, writing in English is a necessity, one for my thesis, and the other is for my future career advance if I want to move further in the academic world. So, writing in English, no matter what the topics are, I guess is a good practice for me. Instead of writing and keeping it to myself, publishing it in the blog will, well, if so, be read by other people who then can comment or share their opinions and ideas if they want to do so. For instance, my wife, who I guess is the only enduring visitor to my blog, always point out my mistakes, be it grammar, spelling or even the content of the writing. I found it useful so as for me to improve and make sure I won’t do the same mistakes in my academic writing. Got what I mean? I wish there is a technique where we can practice speaking in the similar approach. You know, we talk talk talk, post it on the web, people listen and can comment and talk back to us. Hehe, maybe the technology is already around, it is just me who were left behind.

OK, kind of taken away and written quite long already. Hope tomorrow I will get better and no more blocked nose, sigh!

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