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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vivid Sydney

It was Vivid Sydney; Sydney Opera House Light Show. The opera house's sail shaped roof became like a huge white canvas as it turned into different colorful patterns, looked more like drawings. It changed every few minutes. The projections came from the cruise ship wharf @ quay just opposite the opera house.

There were a lot of people around, despite the very cold weather. However, it was not as crowded as during weekends I reckoned. We easily got a parking space close by without any hassle. I purposely chose to go during weekdays.

As we walked along, cameras and tripods lined the shore, with photographers waiting for the best moment to capture the scene. Boats and ferries passing by. Lights from the sky scrappers nearby, with the clear night sky and a full moon, all added up into making it a perfect night to take some memorable photos.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Now take a look at the colours of the Sydney Opera House:

The Rocks, the earliest settlement area in Sydney

Night scene of the City of Sydney

Some tips on taking pictures at night I want to share :
-use tripod as often as possible
-try using the Auto Exposure Bracketing function in your camera. Set up to the max point and see the difference
-using the shutter mode, set a longer shutter time, up to maybe 15sec or more for landscape photos
-to take portrait photos without using the flash, try to find a lamp post or flood lights and ask the subject to stand behind it so the face gets a bit of light. 1/10sec of shutter speed should produce a satisfactory result.
-if the background has enough lighting, you might use the flash to highlight your subject
-always review your photos. You might need to take another shot
I'm sure all the pros out there know better.


  1. Azdie, kamera apa yg ko guna ni? Mesti canggih & mahal. Model please? (Ceh, macam nak beli pun)

  2. uuuwwwaaa...
    wwhyyy show itu tidak berlaku sewaktu daku berada di sydney tempoh hari~

  3. Bakhtiar,
    tak canggih mana pun, basic DSLR aje. Org lain lagi nyer power. Aku guna Canon 1000D, OK la for beginners. Skang dah murah dah.

    Pok Li,
    Tima kasih!

    that means you have to come again, hehe.

  4. breathtaking scenery and cute aiman- make the pictures perfect and sophisticated!
    (ahahaahaaa...bukan kate nak puji photographernya yek?)

  5. Assalamualaikum,

    Jauh perjalanan luas permandangan.

  6. bravo bro..seriyus cantik gilers sydney opera...bila la aku ank sampai sydney nie...fridge magnet sydney opera dah ada(beli kat carboot sales-20p jer)..cuma memory aku di sana belum ada lagi....

  7. Memang cantik dan menarik tapi comel lagi Aiman..hehehe..

  8. will try this tips. yang azd bagi sblm ni ..anon dah try . its works but tak lah secanggih azdi . kena bnyk belajo lagik.

    kat sini susah nak carik geng 1000D. dorang sumer pakai slr yang super duper power. tapi tak nak kalah..nak jugak maximizekan 1000d yang anon telah rembat duit elaun untuk membelinyer..

  9. Mummy Hanny, kira 'included' lah tuu.. hehe..

    banyak pengalaman, bertambah pengetahuan.

    cari2 lah conference kat sebelah sini.

    Kak Tirana,
    tampa aiman apalah sangat gambar tu, yer? hehe...

    jadilah dapat tgkp gambar buat kenangan, utk self saticfaction aje.



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