Kerana dirimu amat berharga

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be...

Today is your birthday,
A special day indeed,
May God bless you, I pray,
And meet your every need!

God made you, my darling,
To be my only  wife;
And that’s the greatest thing,
That happened in my life!
 A Very Happy Birthday
To my dearest wife! 

 Dok teynang nak tangkap gambaq sapa tu?

May Allah bless you always with health, wealth and happiness and grant you all the greatest, bestest things in this worldly life and the hereafter. Have a great year ahead...


  1. Such a short and sweet poem... thanks dear! mmuaahhhhhhh

  2. Sorry la I got no money this time round, insyaAllah mudah2an next year got plenty of money to celebrate... hehe

  3. selamat ulang tahun kelahiran orang rumah Abu Aiman!

    semoga kalian sekeluarga dimurahkan rezeki dan dilindungi Allah hendaknya..

  4. Bapak,
    terimakasih atas ucapan dan doa. Amiin...



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