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Friday, October 22, 2010

Family First

Aiman looked so sad he almost cried while sending me to the office this morning, but he didn't tell why. "Aiman sad, Aiman nak play with babah. Dah lama Aiman tak play with babah," said Aiman to his mother on their way to his tadika... Oh anakku...

Well it seems I am spending less time with my son lately. I go to work in the morning, Aiman goes to school. Then I get back home after 5, sometimes after 6. Feed the chicken, mandi, solat, makan, ting-tong-ting-tong it's already 8.30 or 9 pm. Aiman will watch his favourite TV shows; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Animal Mechanical. Sometimes he will ask me to play toys together. Then it's already bedtime. That's the routine. Well, the complain does not come from Aiman alone, but his mama too. When she was pregnant with Aiman, I spent much time talking to the unborn baby in the tummy, reciting Quran and other stuff. However this time round I guess only a few times I've done that. I wonder what life would be like after our new baby arrived.

Weekends are supposed to be spent and focused on families. However, I noticed that many of us were sent for courses or directed to attend any programs on weekends, and making it compulsory. It was not only me who is complaining, but some of my friends too. While I was writing this, an email came into the system, the person was commenting on the same issue following one or our programs scheduled for this weekend.

From my personal view, we should avoid planning compulsory programs on weekends. If they need to be a compulsory one, I guess there's nothing wrong to schedule them on weekdays. I know everybody may have other commitments, I am included, but to compromise your valuable time with family is not the only option. Once in a while is accepted, but too often is not healthy; physically, mentally and socially. Courses, seminars, meetings, sometimes for a few weeks in a row. Yes, as a staff we have to adhere to the order. But have you ever heard about 'Family First'? By the time you realize it, your children are all grown up...

OKlah, petang ni nak bawak Aiman jalan kat Taman Bandar kalau, tapi guruh dok berbunyi tu. And there is one meeting I need to attend as well at 3. Then tomorrow there is a team building program. Then on Sunday is another program, but good enough families are invited for that.

There goes another weekend!


  1. salam..memang sdra mengutamakan keluarga..bak kata kerajaan..Utamakan Keluarga, Semakin Hari Semakin Sayang...tahniah!!! ya..

  2. wished they have the same mentality like we experienced back in oz, where family comes first, play and NO work on weekends...sigh!

  3. Yes !!!

    merekalah tulang belakang kita..

  4. azd- ni yg aku malas masuk keje balik ni..tahu dah sah2 akan sibuk as well mcm hang kata....rasa syok pulak study mcm skrg ..sbb weekend je mmg family time wpun just at home............

  5. Membuat hati tak mo balik Msia.Anon sudah dapat membayangkan kesibukan hu.

    Elyn: apsal..orang msia sibuk sgt ngan kerja ek???(oopss..not kerja but seminar , kursus, meeting,meeting,meeting).Sure you all rindu sesangat kat oz.

  6. Menjadi seorang ibu, ayah mahupun anak memerlukan pengorbanan demi untuk membahagiakan institusi keluarga itu agar berpanjangan. Masing-masing akan faham dan akur dengan tanggungjawab sendiri.

  7. Sometimes, it is hard to juggle between family life and commitment to work..*sigh*..

  8. Ya...jangan biarkan masa yg ada..yg terluang..berlalu tanpa kita membelai dan membajai kasih dan sayang diantara keluarga...jgn tunggu bila sudah rasa 'kehilangan'..krn itu menunjukkan yg kita telah benar-benar terlewat...masa tidak boleh diundurkan..jumpa lagi..nak bawa anak2 ke second lake garden..Kamunting Lake Garden...

  9. saperlar x sayang famili..

    tp ader kann.. kanns

  10. tuan sahrom,
    mekasih. memang keluarga amat perlu diutamakan.

    hehe, nak migrate kerr..

    ikan emas,
    betul tu. tanpa keluarga siapalah kita, sebatang kara pulak nanti...

    enjoy your time there!

    orang mesia memang kuat kerja. aussie style kalu 'lay back'..

    ms zara,
    setuju amat! perlu ada kefahaman dan pengorbanan.

    true enough, kadang2 serba salah nak bagitahu kita ada kerja, sedangkan masa itu sepatutnya utk keluarga. Mekasih ke mari...

    betul, masa itu emas. Eh, kat kamunting ada lake garden? hmm... kena cari ni nanti.

    zaman sekarang ni ada juga yg tak suka keluarga, dibuang-buang pula..

  11. (rumor has it that...) the said program was once planned another way, but people change their hearts. that's why i rebel! wakakaka..



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