Kerana dirimu amat berharga

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It was a hot day. We wanted to go somewhere cool. The closest is Centro Bankstown shopping mall, we can get ice coffee plus window shopping, and it is a place with air-cond.

But nowadays strolling along the mall with Aiman is not an easy task. His eyes is very good in spotting that $2 coin operated machine, be it a car, merry-go-round or anything he can sit on and ride. We never put coins into those machine though, but he enjoys just sitting on it and making sounds, "broom brrooom!!"
So, one day we decided to go to the aquarium. There was the 'Dugong' exhibition ongoing at that time. Being an endangered species, it was told that only 4-5 Dugongs were on show to public around the world. This particular dugong, named 'Pig', was found stranded on a beach north of Queensland, Australia. It was just a newborn baby then, and how it has been astrayed from its mother was unknown. Since then, it has been under human care and has grown up to as big as a cow now.

'Pig' the Dugong

Aiman really enjoyed the trip to the aquarium. Even though we were tired just chasing him around, but it was fun. In the aquarium compound, it was cool. However, it was so hot outside that the kids splashed into the water features and fountains to cool themselves, making it looked like public pools. Adults just submerged their legs to cool down while reading books. Luckily we were on a train ride, so Aiman couldn't join the kids in the water...


  1. wah syoknye aiman dapat duk kat sebelah duyung tuh.....knp tenung lama2 tu.....cun ek...hehehehe

  2. kak azreen,
    bukannya sebab cun, dia penakot! hehe, apa yg ditakutkan kat patung tu ntah lah.

  3. Padelkopak,
    memang comel, bulat macam bantal peluk. Tapi gemuk sangat ah.



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