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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Old Clock

This is the latest member of the household; an Anniversary Clock, also known as Dome clock or 400-Day clock. Obviously it has a glass dome covering the movement, hence the name. During the old days, it used to be given as a gift during birthdays or weddings. Usually this kind of clock can work for a year or so just only with one winding, so people normally wind it to mark their anniversary. This is what amazed me rather than the look.

I believe this was made circa 1950's. It is marked J. Kaiser G.M B.H, Villingen, Germany. This maker is not really as popular or most sought after in terms of Anniversary Clock as compared to Kundo, Schatz and some other makers. Almost all of the fine clock movements and their maker have their roots from Germany. Watching the four-ball pendulum rotating, transmitting the energy to the spring where it's hanging from and thus moving the fork to push the arbor pin that makes the hand move is really amazing.

When I received the clock, the brass base were covered with film of stain and dark. I used autosol to polish it up, but some spots just too deep to eliminate all over. It could be in the hands of people who don't really care about it before this. Nevertheless, the glass dome is in mint condition, and the dial together with the brass showing sign of aging added up on the patina of this antique. The two pillars that hold up the movement plates were decorated with vineleaves motives.

Currently the clock is ticking and moving just fine. It is still undergoing some adjustment to regulate the beat and ensuring it keeps the time by adjusting the pendulum balls. This needs some patience, and it will continue to serve the master for many years to come with a bit of tender, love and care.

I am really amused by these mechanical clock movement from the older ages and the precision of early days clock maker is also a wonder. Next time I will write about the other clocks in my possession.

Comment from The Manager: Nampak macam jam orang tua aje... Cantik kot mana...
Big Boss said: Nak buat macamana, dah minat kat benda2 antik. Nasib baik tak kawin ngan 'orang antik', huhuhuu.


  1. Cantik......Hobi yang menarik.

  2. buat ler apa pun asal bahagia :)

  3. Pok Li,
    Terima Kasih.

    Same to you, find something to do to make you happy.

  4. sib baik tak minat ngan "org antik" ek....kalo tak abisla aiman dapat "mama antik" jugakkk....hehehehe

  5. kak azreen,
    tu lah kan, abis dgn Aiman2 sekali antik. ekekeke...



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