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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back to Nature

Once upon a time, there was a small family of three; the father, the mother and the son. One fine morning, the father woke up and looked at the sky. "What a good sunny day!" he said.

He knew that one way to get closer to the Creator, one should always reflect on the beauty of nature and creation. They are all signs of Allah’s great power and knowledge. Allah doesn’t create the mountains and the oceans, the animals and the trees, without purposes.

Knowing that his wife needed to see the world outside other than the house and the lab, his son has longed to play in the water, and even he himself needed some fresh air after a few days inhaling the stale air of his home-office, he decided to take them to enjoy the creations of God. So on that bright sunny day, they all went to the
Royal National Park, Sydney.

First, they stopped at the visitors centre to get information about the park and the surroundings. Drove another 25 minutes towards the sea, a place called Wattamoloo, they went to have a dip in the sea, but because the waves were quite strong, the father decided to go to the lagoon nearby, suitable for little ones, and for adults who do not swim, like them both. After having a light lunch and performed prayer in between the trees, they headed to the boat shed. They hired a boat, and they all went 'row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream...'

By then, the son has shown signs that he was a little bit tired. As the sun started to get closer to the horizon, the tired but happy little family headed back home. They had a lovely hot mee-hoon tomyum seafood for dinner, specially made by the lovely little mother.

The scene from the beach facing the lagoon

Wattamoloo Beach

Looking over the beautiful escarpment of the park

The Royal National Park

The RNP situated just about 30km south of Sydney CBD. Drive south through the Princess Highway and you will see the signboard into the park a few km pass Sutherland. Other than spectacular view for sightseeing and having a family picnic on the beaches, there are also other activities you can have such as kayaking, boating, fishing, bush walking and more. Entrance fee is $11/day for a car.


  1. Such a nice view...mesti seronok jalan-jalan meninjau alam sekeliling. I have been to Melbourne before..Sempat pergi Philip's Island.. Memang indah sungguh alam ciptaan Allah.. Kat Malaysia pun tak kurang hebatnya..Kita pun banyak tempat2 menarik kan?

    Anyway..salam kenal dari saya orang Perak juga..lahir di tanjung piandang...tapi sekarang ni tinggal di KL...ikut suami bekerja di sini.

  2. Tirana,
    Memang banyak tempat yg cantik2 di sini. Malaysia juga tak kurang hebat, banyak tempat2 yg menarik, cuma sayang kdg2 tak terjaga.

    Salam kenal dan terima kasih singgah. Tjg Piandang tak jauh la dr Tepeng, ada juga sedara mara kat situ.

  3. Assalamualaikum,

    Such beauty!! The sceneries and the ones posing for the pictures.

    Alhamdulillah. Never take anything forgranted. Syukur atas segala kurniaanNYA.

  4. Wa Alaikumussalam,

    Benar, never take for granted atas segala nikmat dariNya.. bahkan perlu sentiasa mensyukuri.



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