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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Second Birthday Aiman

Yesterday, 5th of May, it has been two full years for Aiman. Watching him growing up is most fascinating; how he has changed from a fragile little baby to a 'non-stop moving' little boy, throwing his first steps, saying his first word, growing his first tooth at 4 month, hearing him calling mama and babah for the first time. Only parents can tell how it feels. Every day is a new day and new things will come up.

Well, lama tak mengasah bakat. I dedicate this poem, if it can be called one, for my little boy Aiman...

I will never forget

The moments when you were born
I burst into tears of joy
While holding my little baby boy
And now you have turned two
I am missing the baby scent of you
How time flies beyond us it's true
Creating more memories of me and you

Before, it was just two
With you it makes us three
You fill our life with happiness and glee
Even when you are naughty and so cheeky
Our hearts will always love you lad
May you grow up tall and strong
And make your old man proud

May Allah showers His blessings on you for the years to come
And protect you from any harm
May Allah guide me in raising you up with love
Fill your heart with warmth
May you grow up full with Iman
And be the greatest man on His path, oh Aiman

Already in pyjamas, Aiman was so excited to blow the candle.

He said "More! More!" So terpaksa la babah nyalakan lilin tu banyak2 kali.

"Uuu, truck! Car! Babah, ukaak!"

Sepatah kata: Budak-budak bukan tau apa nak sambut birthday, tapi mak bapak yang terlebih excited, (maknyer la especially, hehe..).


  1. Happy birthday to Aiman...Semoga jadi insan yang soleh..

    Comelnya dia...seronok la tu dapat hadiah..hehehe

  2. happy bday aiman' a good boy

    from us - manchester...

  3. On behalf of Aiman, thanks for the wishes and doa!!

  4. happy birthday aiman! be a good boy ok. cepat balik mesia tau (huhu kua jer statement ni mak pak die la plg tensen...)

  5. TQ mummy hanny. Tak tensen dah, very the looking forward to go back. Tungguuuu...



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