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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Autumn in my heart

I don't really have anything to blog about actually. After a month, I have been 'reunited' with my camera again. Sent it to Canon service centre and still under warranty. It says in the receipt the PCB has been changed. Hmm, I wonder how long this camera will serve its master. It started to get faulty after 4000 pictures taken, and only a few months old. My father has had his Yashica SLR camera for more than 30 years I supposed, and it still delivers superb pictures, given that the user really knows how it works. I really enjoyed using this bulky heavy object, and it is now in my list of collectible items.

Nevertheless, the technology has taken over. In this digital era, all cameras nowadays can store unlimited amount of pictures, as compared to the limited abilities of the older film-based cameras. We used to really have to think about what pictures we were going to snap coz it will cost you one shot of the film. You almost always have to run around looking for kedai runcit or whatever to get a new roll of film while on the tour. I still remember even the jaga tandas sometimes also sell this film roll. And for those opportunists, they will sell this film with sky-high price to those who are desperate to have one, like tourists, happened when I was in India years ago. During my sister's wedding more than a decade ago, time I muda2 dulu, I've bought 3 rolls beforehand and really careful with them. Yup, that Yashica has done a great job.

Now, you can just snap and snap until your battery 'kong', and you still have more spaces, or bytes, whatever. Not only with your camera, you can even take photos with your handphone and iPod, or the latest one I think was I-Phone. Lucky I am not really into this gadget thingy, tak larat nak stay up-to-date with all these.

So now that I've got back my toy, apalagi tangkap la gambaq!

Golden leaves

Menanti gugur

What a beautiful day!

Could this be the last autumn for me?


  1. gambor last tuh memang masterpiece! Ehehehe

  2. Masterpiece... Hmm... lalala..
    ~Azdy Mraz~

  3. fathin, oh yesss...terima kasih kpd tukang amik gambar tu (saya..saya... hahahaha)

  4. haaa tu lah...masterpiece: yg dpt pujian is the photographer, bukan modelnya...kuang kuang kuang... kan kan k.elyn kannnn...??



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