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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Done is Better than Perfect

Have you ever started something, but it was never done, because you wanted to make it perfect? Let say, you have good topic to blog about, then you started writing the introduction. In the middle of writing, you can not find or remember the things you wanted to include in your article. You think without it your article will not look good (or perfect). So you save your blog in draft. After some time it is still in draft, waiting for the right time to be perfected.

You have an idea about a project. Your keep on thinking about it all the time. You know you will need to write a paperwork. But you think something is missing in your head. You write a reminder on a sticky-note, stick it on the wall, waiting for the ideal time to write 'the' perfect paperwork. Both your idea and the sticky-note are collecting dust, rusting.

Once  you've said 'Hi-hi' to someone, and started a relationship. Along the way, you found out he or she is not the right person because of some qualities were not up to your standard. Then you say 'Bye-bye' and stop talking, waiting for Mr or Ms Perfect to come to the rescue and you may live happily ever after. Sounds like in a fairy tale.

Nice huh!

They say nothing is perfect. They also say practice makes perfect. What are they talking?

I believe Less-than-Perfect is a good start. And the first step to a good start is getting it DONE.

::: apa yang aku merapu nih :::


  1. a'ah..apa yg awak merapu nih? hehe

  2. i guess i need more sunshine / sunlight to fully functioning... ngeee :)

  3. kalo dah perfect, nnt xde progress.
    so, biar je la tahap buah-cempedak-di-luar-pagar all the time.
    biar naik sikit2, janji ada peningkatan.
    kalo dah perfect, xkan forever boleh 100% selalu kan?



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