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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tired of Traffic Jams

We were out of Kuantan for a few days as I have two jobs in the Klang Valley. On Saturday I have a workshop, on Monday night I have given a briefing  to a group of matriculation students, followed by interviewing them on Tuesday. I felt it was so packed and tiring I don't feel like talking, and I don't even bother to answer SMSes; one at 3.06 AM in the morning...

One thing I am very 'fond' of KL is the traffic jam. I thought that was the main reason I felt tired; not the jobs or workshop I was attending. Be it a highway, fast lane or whatever you called it, when the time comes for it to stop moving, you will be stuck.  An elderly lady commented she had missed some junctions and had to pay for 10 tolls before arriving at her destination. Some more, she also complained that the drivers just don't know how to queue at the toll plaza, and said even her 5 cats can take turns to feed from their cat bowl. Well, that is KL I guess. You missed one junction then you are in trouble. If you are not brave enough, people will surely take advantage over you. You will be squeezed out of your line!

Aiman was so excited with the 'dancing fountain', located between Mid Valley and The Garden.
Within four days I also managed to squeezed in some other activities. Beside spending time with my mother and my sister's family at her place, and of course staying with my PILs, we managed to drop by at Mid Valley, one of our favourite locations masa muda-muda dulu, hehe. But of course now it is more happening with a lot more shops opened and The Garden mall situated just next door. And our must activity always include eating and eating and eating. Well, we have to eat anyway to get energy, to live life...

Father and Son having meals and strengthening their bonding at The Garden.

Comparable of Gelatissimo in Sydney, Aiman got two servings of ice cream on that day alone.

::: Today's newspaper reported many Malaysians drivers and riders stopped to help themselves collecting coins after a vehicle carrying RM75k worth of shillings collided in an accident on our highways... Boleh makan ke duit tu...


  1. ish aiman ni tayang2 eskrem pulak kat aunty yg tgh 'berpuasa' ni.huhu...

    hahaha.duit tu diorg tlg kutipkan je kot. hahaha.bertuah le sgt!

  2. talk about traffic jem in KL, dat's the main reason of most ppl's premature aging.

    hari2 muke berkerut. heheh~

  3. isabelle,
    sian, makan la sikit takpa aih.
    hehe, polis tak tangkap tu kira mcm bagi green light la soh amik ye.

    pasang ceramah agama time jam, insyaAllah lambat sikit tua kot, hehe.



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