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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Everything Fast

Time flies fast. To cope up with time, they have invented fast food.

KFC is all time favourite for fried chicken. I vote for OR.

 Different from the hunter-gatherers time, when they delayed their meals for days and burned more calories in order to get food, we are now provided with drive-thru facilities where we just sit-and-drive to get to our food. And yet we eat more than them and burn less calories compared to them... No wonder obesity is everywhere.

Just tried this last week, the 7 cheeses pizza.
Realize it or not, fast-food restaurants are among the top lists when we are planning to eating out. It is mainly because they provide tasty, fast and easy food, you can make your choice straight away from the menu without having to quarrel with your partner about what dish to order. It is OK to have fast food every now and then, but not everyday or become a habit. As for us, we try to stick for not more than once a week, less is better.

Having physically active is the best way to burn all these extra calories you might have when eating fast food. But as I said, time flies fast. Most of us can not find enough time to fit the exercise schedule (but still can make time to eat, hehe). So they again create exercise equipments that can fit into your room. Aiman and his cousins have shown us how to use the treadmill in an innovative way ...    

:: They invent fast food, we love so much, we eat and get fat. Then they invent exercise machine, tell us being fat is bad to make us exercise, and sell their product again. They got money, we lose money. So eat healthily and choose wisely!


  1. hahahaha...kelakar la bebudak tu!
    p/s: so what's for lunch? fast food? ;D

  2. bukan apa... kita membantu menjayakan industri jer. kalo kita x beli, sapa lg kan?
    (beli fast food je, exercise equioment x beli)

  3. elyn,
    burrpp... dah kenyam.

    exercise pun fast jugak, iyah2 kiri, iyah2 kanan, siap, hehe.

    a loqman,
    salaam. sedap jugak, itu yg rajin dok ulang tu.

  4. fastfood menjadi pilihan sy jugak apabila malas mahu pikir mkn ape.

  5. Jadi gelungsurlah pulak :)
    I rarely take fast food..but still gemuk jugak!

  6. noreed,
    Senang kan nak pilih.

    budak2 tu mcm2 idea diorg.
    kadang2 kita je rasa kita gemuk, tapi sebenarnya OK jer, sihat. =)

  7. sobona'eh fast food ni kalau strt mkn mmg akan jadi addicted. ape2 pun, i vote for OR kepsi ciken too. hahaha!!!

  8. singgah time line tak elok

    moga sihat sokmo



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