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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back on track - fast forward!

I am at Uni now. First time in 2009. Motivated to write, re-write and read (macam DVD writer la pulak!).

Uni is still quiet. In my office, which has about 13 cubicles, it is only me here today. Nobody. Quiet. But HOT!

This morning I saw from far, down through the walkway, HY's room, my supervisor, was opened. She's back from holidays. Next to her room is DCP's room, my co-sv, was still closed this morning. She did not even reply my email I sent her before Xmas. Wonder why... My 3rd sv, CG, is still on holiday until end of Jan.

So what I've done today? Settled a few things that I have long planned. How's the writing-up? slow and steady, but need to boost up the pace. Time is running out mate!

Look through the PhD theses of previous students I knew. They have no specific guidelines in terms of the thesis structure. Even the fonts were different, one use the usual TNR and the other used Arial. It will be good to use arial I guess if I want to make my thesis looks thicker. Hmm... will see how it goes.

A friend of mine called while I was having lunch in front of the PC and reading the news online about Gaza City - worsening. I know he is having this problem to find a house to rent. Bro, it takes time and patience. That is just one piece of your troubles, the easy one.

Quite a few times when he called me, he mentioned that I sound happy, like nothing to worry about. Duh, what do you expect bro? Whining and crying? Blaming myself for doing PhD? Cursing people around me for not helping enough? Regretting for not doing the things that I should have done earlier in my study but I did not? Complaining about the allowance that merely enough to survive here, given that I have to travel 70km one way to uni, sending my child to babysitter, paying house rent that is crazy expensive in Sydney? Ran out of money for house rent because the car needed new parts? Angry because thinking why my allowance is always late? Not to mention why my salary is lower than my other half? What else did I missed to spell out? Hahaa... Start complaining about your life and you couldn't stop.

Well, it is not me I guess. You will see me as me - charming (hehe..), calm and sometimes look serious like I can eat you - but inside, only me and my Creator knows. What do you get by getting upset or mad?

Live up you life. Bersyukurlah!

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