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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Ducks

Looking at the ducks around the duck pond in front of my school building reminded me to the meals we had a few days ago at the Taste of Thai (TOT) restaurant. We were on the way back home after picking up my wife from Bankstown train station when she said, "Bang, jom makan. Lapar lah! Elyn belanja". "Aik, tadi dalam telefon kata nanti balik nak masak?" replied me. "Ala lambat la nak masak..." she continued. "Menyesal abang lunch tadi, baru je makan," I commented.

So I turned the car and headed towards Station Parade. It was around half past 4 when we arrived, and the restaurant was empty. We went to take a seat at table no. 1, which was our regular table. A waitress brought a high chair for Aiman, and he as usual trying to be polite saying, "Hi! Aloo!".

The meal

We ordered two Hoy Jor, chicken dim sum clear soup, roast duck salad and one rice. As I just had lunch at home with yesterdays food, the roast duck salad was for me. The only thing I can say is it's delicious! Thinking of cooking duck at home, but I'm quite positive that it will be only me who have to finish it myself. Don't think Elyn is fond of it, do you?

There are two halal Thai restaurants just a stone throw from our house. The other one is Thai Hutt. These two outlets were very close from each other, and they are competing for customers for sure. First, they redecorate and keep upgrading their outlets as well as the menu. Second, they started without opening at lunchtime, but now they did. We personally prefer TOT because of the taste and varieties, not to mention the price is more reasonable.


I've heard people say that duck meat is healthier than chicken. Here's the comparison in terms of cholesterol and fat content:

Duck meat without skin

Measurement Weight gms %E.P E.P gms Cholesterol mg Fat gms

100 0 100.00 7.00 5.00
1 piece, breast meat (LxWXT, 7x4x3) 71 69 48.60 3.00 2.40
1 thigh (LxWxT, 14x9+B297 148 70 103.70 7.00 5.20

Chicken, (free - ranging), drumstick without skin

Measurement Weight gms %E.P E.P gms Cholesterol mg Fat gms

100 65 100.00 73.00 1.80
1 whole (LxWxT, 13.4x5.3x2.9 cm) 83 65 53.50 39.00 1.00

Just look at the difference of cholesterol, sepuluh kali lipat dong! Well of course ducks have more fats to help them afloat on the water. Would you like to try some duck salad?

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  1. ayokkk satu keje la pulak nak cari itek! tp kalo tgk itik musti terbayang bulunya yg putih ittew..hatta tidak lalu nak makan! kua kua kuaaaa



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