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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back to Pigs

Since the outbreak of the swine flu a few months ago, the pandemic is worsening. In Malaysia, it has been reported that schools, colleges and universities have been closed due to the outbreak. Death toll is rising, and there is no sign that the outbreak will cease very soon.

The disease has spread throughout the globe swiftly, including Australia. The latest news is one piggery in NSW is now under quarantine after a few pigs have been confirmed infected by the virus. From pigs it came, to pigs it went back. According to the report, the pigs were coughing for a week while the workers as well as the piggery owner fallen ill. It's a huge farm, containing about 2000 pigs.

The disease is not fatal for pigs. What we should concern about is in pigs, this virus will mutate a bit. It may gain more strength and come back to human stronger than before. All the works currently done by scientists to cure the disease will be of no use then. Furthermore, it was not confirmed that the infected pigs from this farm has not entered the market into the food chain.

What wonders me is why these people still backing up the pigs, as if there were no other meat to eat. Yes, it is a multi-billion dollar industry for the country, but this is human life we are talking about. They wanted more time to discuss whether the infected pigs need to be put off or wait until they recover. Most of these people were talking based on assumptions rather than scientifically proven facts. They 'thought' the pigs caught the virus from the workers. They 'assume' the pigs will get over it easily as the temperature was not too high and the cough was mild. But the authority 'assured' the people that the disease will not be transmitted by eating pork products, so keep on eating pork people!

Gambar hiasan

Nota: Sedara mara di Taiping tu, kalau lalu tepi market babi tu tutup-tutup la tingkap kereta. Kona kot jauh sikit pun takpa. Kata pi la apa pun, depa kalau dah dok biasa makan menatang tu susah nak buang tebiat. Bukan apa, beringat sebelum kena…

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  1. Bimbang juga penyakit ni. Maklum sahaja pelajar-pelajar dua buah sekolah berhampiran dah ada yang dijangkiti penyakit ini.



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