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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Last Encounter with the Snow

Time flies, that's what they say. And yes it is true, as it has been already a week we entered the holy month of Ramadhan without realizing it.

It is already the end of winter in Australia, and the weather is now getting warmer. This could be the last winter for us as a temporary residents in Aussie. Thinking about that, a few days before Ramadhan, we have made a quick decision to have a trip to the Snowy Mountain, south of New South Wales, for the last encounter with the snow.


First time we went there, my parents were here too. It was winter 2007. Aiman was not even existed at that time. However, this time, he was the happiest of them all, playing in the snow.

Started the journey from Bankstown around 4 in the morning, the journey took about nearly 6 hours. We stopped at Goulburn for subuh prayer, just a quick stop at the car park behind the gigantic statue of the Merino sheep.

Continued the journey with the sunrise on our left along the waterless George Lake, and the great dividing range on the right. The scenery was spectacular. We could see from afar the wind turbines across the lake turning gracefully. Then we entered the Australian Capital Territory.

The frost started to melt when the sun rise

A few hundred kilometres after that, we arrived in Cooma. Here, we stopped for snow suit hiring. Aiman looks like an astronaut in his one piece snowsuit and boots. We also hired a toboggan, which Aiman kept on calling it ‘boat’. It was a piece of plastic where we sat on when we slide down the snow slope, similar to the ‘upih pinang’ we used to play around the kampong long long time ago. I also hired a pair of wheel chain, as it was a requirement to carry them during winter, in case of heavy snow and if the road was covered with snow.

Aiman and his toboggan

Our snowman, look more like a 'batu nisan' rather than a snowman, hehe

The weather was very clear and not so windy indeed. Well, we arrived at the Perisher Blue, a ski resort area, nearly 11 o’clock. We met Azam and his family there. Quite a lot of people that day, and a number of buses carrying school children for their snow trip. We just stayed and played at the tobogganing area, as none of us knew how to skateboarding or snow skiing.

Satisfied with everything, with nasi goreng as the food the day, we started our journey back around 3.30 pm. We were thinking of spending the night somewhere along the way, but since there was nothing else to do or interesting places to visit, I decided that we headed straight back home. We arrived safely home at about 11 p.m. Total distance traveled on that day was 953.1km, but it was worth the memories…

Covered with snow

For my fellow Malaysians, Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka!


  1. Seronok main salji. Di Adelaide dulu, salji tak turun. Nak main salji, kena pi snowy mountain ni la..hehehe..siap buat rombongan. Sungguh indah kenangan waktu itu...kekal terpahat dalam ingatan.

  2. kak tirana, first time dulu ikut group indonesian. Seronok main salji ramai2 kan. This time pegi bertiga aje. Tapi tetap seronok, walaupun salji dah tak berapa tebal.

  3. Cantik gambar-gambar ni. pengalaman yang cukup berharga di perantauan

  4. Pok Li,
    bak kata orang, jauh perjalanan banyak pengalaman, tapi takleh challenge pengalaman orang yang lebih dulu makan garam dari saya lah..

  5. Ya Akhi, abu aiman.. nice blog & post. Tak dpt pegi sana, tgok hang punya dulu pun jadi la.. jemput dtg my blog,, he he. bebaru nak blaja je, xlawa pun,, saja nak mencoret, coret , n coret.

  6. tinta kasturi, terima kasih mai melawat. Blog saya ni pun bukannya lawa pun, gambaq saja lebih.

  7. Salam,
    Teruja bila melihar gambar2 menarik ni. Dapat tengok gambar pun jadi lah. Okey apa... snowman tu..

  8. Salaam Makcik Zara,
    masa saya pi tu dah tak berapa tebal dah salji, bolah la nak main, buat snowman kecik.. hehe..

  9. Salam ziarah Abu Aiman...

    Sudah pernah datang ke sini,tapi ni baru meninggalkan jejak...

    btw...pakai camera dslr ke?hehe

  10. salaam,
    Dr amad, terima kasih sudi ziarah lagi dan tinggalkan jejak kali ni. Yup, pakai dslr.. =)



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