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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Smart Way Of Keeping Biscuits/Tit-bits Fresh & Crispy

 I got this tip from my group emails. Now you don't have to buy the plastic clips and save your money and  the food stays fresh...

1.  Clean and dry the disposable plastic bottle.
 2. Then, cut out the neck of the disposable bottle (refer to picture above) <>3 inches long. 

3. Put left over biscuit/tit-bits in the plastic & insert the plastic bag through the neck of the bottle (refer to picture).  Then tighten the cap.

Jom Cuba!


  1. Good idea ni..thanks for sharing..
    Nevertheless, I dah ada byk plastic clips tu!

  2. salam,

    idea yang cukup menarik insya-Allah akan cuba nanti.. :)

  3. very good idea!thanks.lepas ni dah kena kumpul botol semula...

  4. TK, i used to have those clips too, and i lost some, others bengkok due to forcing them on big hard plastic bags, hehe.

    penjejak maya & anon,
    at the same time kita recycle botol plastik tu kan. ~save the earth~



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