Kerana dirimu amat berharga

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At this very moment

This year is the first time my mother goes through the month of Ramadhan alone without abah. We went back to Taiping last weekend. I really need to check on her. Alhamdulillah she seems stronger than I thought. I tried to persuade her to follow me back to Kuantan but she refused. The reason being that she does not want to leave her tadarrus group. As far as I remember, she never missed joining the tadarrus group every Ramadhan since she retired from work. As long as she is happy, I am happy...

On the way back to Kuantan, we stopped by abah's grave. It looks green around there, maybe because of the rainy days lately. The graveyard was like a garden, with the graves sorted in straight lines, and all the plants and trees were well kept. We made some prayers and left abah, alone again...

We stopped at Gombak and I spent a night there before coming back to Kuantan. At this very moment, the similarity of me, my mother and my father is were are all alone. Aiman and his mother is in Gombak, as my father-in-law just had an eye surgery. Aiman is not very well too, he is having this HFM disease which I believe he caught from his tadika. Hopefully they will both get well soon...

Aiman had memorized this du'a and I always
ask him to make a prayer for me.


  1. Allahumma fighlahu, warhamhu, wa'afihi, wa'fu 'anhu..



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