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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kereta Kuda Merah

Sometimes I wish we were in the days where nature was still preserved, people don't know how pollution would be like, when we can drink water straight from the stream, eat chickens from our own backyard, and life could be very simple you don't have to go to uni and work so hard to have a good living... And this red horse carriage would be my favourite choice of  transportation...


  1. However, even the horse cart contribute some pollution to the mother nature.

    Fecal matters from the horse itself.

    Like what you had seen in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. DBKL horse...

  2. Fairus,
    horse and cow dung were somehow among the valuable items during the old days, when no chemical fertilizers available. =)

  3. skrg kita dah ada extra few kilos kalo nak cari org yg sanggup angkut carriage tu.

  4. very nice pics and review. dok kat kuantan ye? n ketupat palas tu...ada asal dari utara ke? :D

  5. ceh..dah komen-komen baru perasan kat profile description.

    kuantan n taiping tu tempat faveret GB kalau kamu perasan. huhu~

  6. isabelle,
    kita kidnap je a few donkeys dari taman arnab tu, ekeke.

    Kuantan tempat berkerja, taiping tempat bermanja, penang kedah semua ada sedara juga. Perasan juga gb ada tulis pasal kuantan bdr palma dulu..



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