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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Twisted Tongue

For many Malaysians, most of us can speak at least two languages; Malay and English. I sometimes wonder how the brain works - switching between languages. When I was in Australia, some of my Aussie friends were surprised when I told them we Malaysian can speak more than one language fluently, when most of them can only speak and understand English.

Picture from Mr Google.
I am sure many of us have tried to read the tongue-twister phrases like this: She Sells Seashells On The Sea Shore. Some can read it out without getting their tongue twisted, while others may have difficulties making it right. While we always read English tongue-twister, it is also common to have your tongue twisted when saying things in your own language, let alone other foreign languages.

For example, let's get through these true stories...

Story one:
A family of three was traveling in a car from Putrajaya to KL. When passing by the UPM green grazing area, they saw a herd of big fat cows grazing in the field. Excited to see such big and fat cows, the father then said to his son, "Aiman, look on your left! Lemuk gumbunyaa!"
*I believe he wanted to say  'gemuknya lembu tuu'

Story two:
The same family was in a car traveling from Kuantan to KL. The son was sleeping all the way long, tired. It was quite boring driving in the highway. When they were going through the Karak highway, they saw the signboard saying 'Bukit Tinggi'. Breaking the silence, the father said, "Lama kita tak pergi Trauma Colpitaley kan!" Then their son, called Aiman, woke up because of the outburst of laughters.
*err... I reckon it was 'Colmar Tropicale'

Always making joke of her husband's twisted-tongue, the wife is compiling those 'new vocabularies' arisen from her husband's mouth, jotting down those words or phrases into her hand-phone. She even published some of them in her FB status, hahaha...

Well, try this fast and try not to get shit, hehe:

I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop.
Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.


  1. hihihi... comel...
    mrhubby kalo tshashul mcm tu selalu gak kena gelak dgn is. nak keji lg, ada gak buat mcm k.lin..

  2. sekarang sedang belajar sikit2 bahasa arab..yalah Bahasa Alquran sering kita lupa...

  3. salam

    berbelit2 gak nak menyebutnya huhu

  4. hahaha!!!! mcm kenal je family tu!

    p/s: kitorg dulu ada section kesalahan tatabahasa dalam studio. asal salah sebut je semua akan jadi mangsa. hahaha

  5. Salam bahagia

    I just love to listen to those ustazes who are so fluent in Arabic, English, and various Malay dialects. Their ability in switching languages and dialects, makes their lectures so captivating and lively. Have a nice day!

  6. isabelle,
    gelak2 menambah kemesraan gitu yer..

    masa sekolah dulu boleh buat karangan bhs arab, tp sekarang baca balik tulisan sendiri pun dah tak faham. Semoga kita dipermudahkan belajar arab insyaAllah...

    Abu Luqman,
    salam kembali sahabat. Terima kasih singgah.

    memang terbelit! hehe.

    belajar melalui kesilapan dan kena gelak. Kesian mangsa itu, hahaha!

    Tuan temuk,
    Salaam. You are absolutely right. I always envy some of my friends who continue using Arabic and even speak very fluently.



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